Our Mission

There are various alliances in the world, both nationally and regionally, which advocate for the radiological protection of patients. However, until the creation of Latin Safe, no organization of this type existed in Latin America.

Inspired by campaigns such as Image Gently and Image Wisely, the goal of Latin Safe is to promote the radiological protection of patients in Latin America following the ideas proposed by the “Bonn Call for Action”.

Since the beginning, the initiative has sought to make radiologists, prescribing physicians, technologists, patients and the general public aware of the importance of the topic.

From the year 2022, Latin Safe decides to expand its scope, with the mission of developing and implementing a global program of humanization and patient safety, in radiology services in Latin America, which will lead to an improvement in the quality of care. For this, it generated four lines of work:

  • Technology and image quality, whose objective is the minimization and adjustment of protocols in ionizing radiation, in addition to the establishment of image quality protocols;
  • Risk management, whose objective is to carry out the survey and structuring of the risk matrix and train in risk management in the Diagnostic Imaging services;
  • Patient safety, whose objective is to generate clinical practice protocols and guidelines for carrying out studies, administering contrast media and sedation, among others;
  • Humanization, whose objective is to raise awareness about empathic care, pain management protocols, implementation of therapy focused on compassion, psychological preparation based on information and emotional support, within Diagnostic Imaging services.

For our objectives to be fully met, we need strategic allies, who have the common and superior purpose of making the patient care experience an extraordinary experience in Latin America. For this, we need to have stakeholders such as scientific societies, patient associations, government entities, the pharmaceutical industry and all organizations that join our cause.

"Promote through education safe diagnostic imaging in Latin America with emphasis on radiological protection"

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