Latin Safe prepares an online course and needs your help

Posted on: 2022-07-28

The Latin Safe initiative presents a novelty for the first week of each month (August, September, October and November): the online course “Patient Safety, Humanization and Risk Management in Diagnostic Imaging Services in Latin America”, with renowned professionals of Radiology, to discuss the importance and the news on the subject. To further improve the experience, […]

Focus on Ethics in Radiological Protection for Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

Posted on: 2022-07-19

This month’s Radiological Protection Study Group was held on July 4, with the theme “Focus on Ethics in Radiological Protection for Medical Diagnosis and Treatment“. The presentation was led by Dr. Kimberly Applegate, Chair of Committee 3 (Medicine) of the International Commission on Radiological Protection. The presentation was based on the work of ICRP Task […]

CBR offers lecture on DRL

Posted on: 2022-07-15

Next Monday, July 18, at 7 pm (Brasilia time), the Brazilian College of Radiology (CBR) will hold a webinar on “Diagnostic Reference Levels – DRL”. Under the coordination of Mônica Bernardo, the Portuguese Graciano Paulo will give a presentation on the importance of the subject for radiologists and what these professionals should know. The event […]

Radiological exams: risks and needs

Posted on: 2022-07-06

Radiological exams still raise doubts about their safety, especially when they involve children. The radiation emitted is not very clear to those who are not from the area and, often, essential tests are discarded due to lack of information. To help understand medical imaging radiation, most discussions compare exposure to the natural background radiation that […]

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