Appendicitis Diagnosis Yields Reduced Dose But Increased Examinations

Posted on: 2020-01-08

Check out the news released in the RSNA 2019 bulletin about the diagnosis of reduced dose appendicitis as a highlight. The copy, written by Lynn Antonopoulos, shows how over the past 15 years there has been a change in CT imaging practices to US in cases of pediatric appendicitis. Check out the full text below: […]

RSNA 2019: CT is Safe Option for Diagnosing Foreign Body Aspiration in Children

Posted on: 2019-12-21

Low-dose computed tomography (CT) protocols using a tin filter as a diagnostic tool could accurately identify foreign body aspiration (FBA) in children – compared with conventional radiographic methods – reducing the radiation dose and avoiding bronchoscopy. That was the report by Dr. Lena Gordon Murkes from the Karolinska Institutet, Sweden in her talk at the […]

Latin Safe President explores RSNA 2019 highlights

Posted on: 2019-12-20

At the last 2019 meeting of the Radiological Protection Study Group, organized by SPR in São Paulo, Dr. Hilton Muniz Leão Filho, president of the Latin Safe initiative, took stock of related topics presented at RSNA 2019. During the congress, there was a meeting of the Inter-American College of Radiology (CIR) with entities from the […]

Radiation dose team training in pediatric CT

Posted on: 2019-12-13

A hospital team received radiation dose training in pediatric tomography – a study published in the European Journal of Radiology. Pediatric radiation doses from patients who underwent five CT scans before (1,426 examinations) and after training (2,566 examinations) – which included computed tomography of the skull, chest, abdomen-pelvis and body. Results of a combined analysis […]

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