The importance of imaging exams in the fight against COVID-19

Posted on: 2020-03-20

Imaging exams have shown interesting findings in the fight against COVID-19. Classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), the new coronavirus has grown fast and exponentially worldwide since December 2019. First, we need to understand that no imaging exam should be used for screening or as an isolated diagnosis, despite demonstrating frequent […]

Challenges for implementing the Brazilian Resolution RDC 330

Posted on: 2020-03-10

More than 30 people attended the March online meeting of the SPR Radiological Protection Study Group. Headed by Physicist Renato Dimenstein, he spoke about the challenges for implementing the Brazilian Resolution RDC 330, that is, the processes that guarantee quality: Patient safety, quality assurance and adequate instruments. There were 5 points addressed: Ultrasound; Magnetic Resonance; […]

Artificial Intelligence on the impact of CT dose reduction

Posted on: 2020-03-02

Artificial intelligence has already impacted several areas of medicine; the time has come for exposure to radiation from computed tomography images. According to an article published in Health Imaging, about a study published in Nature Machine Intelligence, “a new approach to deep learning reduced the radiation exposure of computed tomography images and produced higher quality […]

Lead apron in the x-ray room – is it really necessary?

Posted on: 2020-02-20

The use of a lead apron in the x-ray room is quite common. However, despite decades of use, is it really necessary? The New York Times published a story in January explaining how organizations are trying to end this practice. Everyone who knows how an X-ray scan works is already prepared for the lead apron; […]

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