Effective Use of Radiation Protective Equipment in Fluoroscopy: Separating Real from Fake News

Posted on: 2021-01-22

We bring the presentation “Effective Use of Radiation Protective Equipment in Fluoroscopy: Separating Real from Fake News” from the RSNA 2019 written by Daniel Miller, Beth A. Schueler, Kenneth A. Fetterly and Mark Hindal. The slides show the teaching points about how fluoroscopically-guided interventional procedures may result in high staff radiation dose levels and explain […]

How x-ray equipment works

Posted on: 2021-01-19

Medical Physicist Omar Arias Curatolo talks about how x-ray equipment works in the fifth video of the educational series on radiation dose. Thanks for the partnership @serofca. Watch:

Diagnostic Imaging Events 2021

Posted on: 2021-01-12

The 2021 Diagnostic Imaging events already have a date to happen! Although we suffered from last year’s changes, everything was a great learning experience so that this year societies could continue their scientific calendars. After all, learning and exchanges are very important for advancing the treatment of thousands of patients around the world. Check the […]

Biological Effects and Radiological Protection

Posted on: 2021-01-05

“Biological Effects and Radiological Protection” was the theme of the last Latin Safe Radiological Protection Study Group of 2020, organized by the Radiological Society of São Paulo (SPR), conducted by Dr. Claudio Mesquita on December 7. Dr. Claudio started by recovering the history of radiography, mentioning that this first image exam, in 1895, was considered […]

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