Alleged case of Cesium-137 Brazil’s Northeast

Posted on: 2019-03-12

Professionals Drs. Hilton Leão and Renato Dimenstein comment on the case of the appearance of a X-ray equipment capsule – initially classified as being of Cesium-137 – in Brazil’s Northeast. Is this dangerous? And is this real? Check out in the video bellow:  

FDA Warns Thermography Should Not Be Used in Place of Mammography for Breast Cancer

Posted on: 2019-03-08

The FDA is alerting women, health care providers, and people getting breast cancer screening, that thermography is not an effective alternative to mammography and should not be used in place of mammography for breast cancer screening or diagnosis. Thermography is a noninvasive tool that uses an infrared camera to produce images (thermograms) that show the […]

More than half a million deaths from breast cancer are avoided in the US

Posted on: 2019-02-22

According to a Feb. 11 news release from Science Daily, more than half a million breast cancer deaths were averted over three decades in the United States, thanks to mammography. According to the article, “latest U.S. estimates indicate that since 1989, hundreds of thousands of women’s lives have been saved by mammography and improvements in […]

CIR offers a scholarship for the ELAR Program

Posted on: 2019-02-13

Scholarships are for the Latin American School of Radiology and applications can be made until February 28th! The Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR) as representative of the Inter-American College of Radiology (CIR) in Brazil supports this important initiative. The program which is supported by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and […]

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