Computed tomography and radiation dose

Posted on: 2020-09-16

CT is not yet a low-dose imaging modality: this is the subject of an article, discussed by Dr. Madan M. Rehani and Dr. Timothy P. Szczykutowicz, published in Image Wisely. Among the large number of existing imaging techniques, computed tomography plays a fundamental role in the clinical environment and, therefore, the debate about reducing the […]

The fundamental principles of radiation protection

Posted on: 2020-09-14

Promoting, through education, the safe imaging diagnosis in Latin America, with an emphasis on radiological protection, is the mission of Latin Safe. Health continues to evolve, as does the area of radiology as new equipment and solutions emerge, but care remains. The effect of leaving electrically charged environments and materials with the application of ionizing […]

Cesium-137: radiological accident that marked Brazil

Posted on: 2020-08-20

Do you know the story of the biggest radiological accident that happened outside a nuclear plant in Brazil in 1985, Cesium-137? A series of tweets from @albugayrque (in Portuguese) explains with images how this event went, which started when the Instituto Goiano de Radioterapia stopped operating and a teletherapy equipment was abandoned. So garbage hunters […]

SPR study group: computed tomography dose

Posted on: 2020-08-18

How to look at a dose in computed tomography exams was the theme of the Radiological Protection Study Group, of the Sociedade Paulista de Radiologia (SPR), held on August 3. The speaker invited to the class of the month was: Dr. Denise Yanikian Nersissian, PhD in nuclear technology by IPEN – Institute of Energy and […]

"Promote through education safe diagnostic imaging in Latin America with emphasis on radiological protection"

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