Latin Safe: the union of initiatives in favor of radiological protection

Posted on: 2021-09-30

On the first day of JPR, Dolores Del Carmen Tanus Bustelo, MD, gave a presentation on “The Importance of Having an Alliance to Promote the Correct Dose of Radiation in Latin America”. She strengthened the idea that, with the initiatives united in the same effort to promote radiological protection, this will become a cultural measure.

To exemplify the importance of this relationship, she cited the Brazilian Society of Nuclear Medicine (SBMN), which translated all Image Gently posters, and the Brazilian Society of Interventional Radiology and Endovascular Surgery (SOBRICE), which offers awards for the scientific works that have lower radiation doses. The inclusion of the radioprotection subject, not only in the agendas, but also in initiatives like these, makes the subject enter the lives of professionals as a habit.

For this to occur in a successfully way, the communication and marketing department is essential, so that all initiatives and experts get to know and, therefore, a significant bridge is created with a good network of supporters. Furthermore, Dolores, MD, says that, in order to adopt radiological protection, you don’t need to know numbers and data, but just have the goodwill to protect the patients and the professionals involved.

With that, it’s important that initiatives from different countries have the same goal to achieve good results, with the lowest dose of radiation possible for the acquisition of a correct, diagnostic and perfect image.

One of the organizations that actively participates in the incorporation of this purpose is the Interamerican College of Radiology (CIR), which collaborates with Latin Safe by providing economic support and disseminating information on social networks, as explained by Beatriz González Ulloa, MD, in her lecture on “How to Further Integrate Latin Safe and the Latin American Radiology Initiatives: The CIR’s Vision”. Composed by 25 countries, its mission is the union of national entities and medical specialists. To this end, it disseminates the manuals and activities carried out by Latin Safe and participates in monthly meetings to ratify the measures for protection and reduction of radiological doses.

"Promote through education safe diagnostic imaging in Latin America with emphasis on radiological protection"

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