Biological Effects and Radiological Protection

Posted on: 2021-01-05

“Biological Effects and Radiological Protection” was the theme of the last Latin Safe Radiological Protection Study Group of 2020, organized by the Radiological Society of São Paulo (SPR), conducted by Dr. Claudio Mesquita on December 7.

Dr. Claudio started by recovering the history of radiography, mentioning that this first image exam, in 1895, was considered one of the 10 greatest technological advances in humanity. The radiography is also on display at the Berlin Pinacoteca, a symbol of scientific and technological advancement at the end of the 19th century – the result of the discovery of Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, the x-ray is from the hand of his wife, Bertha Roentgen.

The specialist also spoke about Marie Curie (winner of 2 Nobel prizes), responsible for the discovery of radioactivity in 1898, alongside her husband; and he also spoke of Becquerel Burn, who, after discovering radioactivity, suffered burns on his skin while carrying radio tubes in his pants pocket in April 1901.

The class was very rich and quoted numerous points that are very important to the history of radiology, emphasizing, for example, the importance of educating young people about radioprotection, indicating the exam for those who need it and who makes it known, among others.

Watch the full class in (in Portuguese):

"Promote through education safe diagnostic imaging in Latin America with emphasis on radiological protection"

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