Dose management and registration in November SPR’s Study Group

Posted on: 2020-11-26

Dose management and registration were the themes of the SPR Radiological Protection Study Group in November. The Medical Physicists responsible for the classes were Walmoli Gerber Jr. and Elaine Cristina Godoy Artuzo Santarosa, radiodiagnosis specialists.

Dose management

The first class was presented by Physicist Walmoli, on Dose Management – Rights and Duties. The presentation was not aimed at physicists and radiologists, but at other professionals in the field, such as managers, nurses, technologists and non-radiologists.

The topics covered were occupational doses and medical doses, raising questions, such as:

  • What is a worker’s dose limit?
  • What is the dose limit for medical exposures?
  • Who is the standard patient?

In addition, he also spoke about technological limitations, also addressing pediatric radiology.

Dose registration

The second class was presented by Physicist Elaine Cristina, on Dose registration: points of attention and setting of a private health institution.

Elaine spoke about well-structured radiation protection concepts, focusing on working continuously to protect the patient, as interest in the management of radiation doses is growing.

It brought the ALARA principle – the basis to keep the emitted radiation dose as low as possible and to achieve the right balance between applied radiation dose and image quality.

She raised the importance of informing lay and non-lay patients well, presenting individualized care, with x-ray routines that make sense, and not asking for the exam without precise justification.

Finally, she recalled that the patient has the right not to want to undergo a certain exam, but that he needs to be aware of the real benefits compared to the harm.

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