SPR Study Group: let’s point out the benefits of radiation exams

Posted on: 2019-04-26

At the last meeting before the JPR 2019, the president, Dr. Hilton Muniz Leão Filho, recalled the events in which the initiative will be present. Among them, JPR 2019 itself, the Argentine Congress of Diagnostic Imaging (CADI) and the Colombian Congress of Radiology (CCR).

One of the topics covered was about a video disseminating misleading and even false information about mammography. In it, a doctor reports that the test increases the risk of cancer and that it would not be preventive, besides other dubious information, none with bibliographical references. In response, the Brazilian College of Radiology (CBR), together with the Brazilian Society of Mastology (SBM) and the Brazilian Federation of Associations of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FEBRASGO) released an official note explaining all the points that prove the efficacy and importance of the exam. In addition to the indignation with the information disclosed, it is necessary to emphasize that it is always fundamental to seek reliable sources and to be careful with news divulged, mainly through WhatsApp.

Dr. Renato Dimenstein requested the participation of professionals who support the initiative by sending their opinions on: what is the difficulty in talking about doses of radiation to other doctors?; and how is the topic being addressed in universities today? For this reason, we would like to request that professionals who can send a testimonial on the subject to latinsafe@latinsafe.org.

Dr. Dolores Bustelo, pediatric radiologist at CETAC, followed the meeting and participated by sharing her experience at the European Radiology Congress, praising Latin Safe’s participation in the event.

Finally, Dr. Hilton raised the following reflection: “If indicated correctly, radiological exams can save lives. We need to explore its benefits to the detriment of maintaining the disease and the population’s fear of the radiation dose.”

Our next meeting will be on May 15 at 5:30 p.m. and the link for real-time participation is http://bit.ly/LatinSafe15-05-19. We count on you!

"Promote through education safe diagnostic imaging in Latin America with emphasis on radiological protection"

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