Radiological Protection Study Group meeting strengthens learning sharing

Posted on: 2019-03-27

The second meeting of the Radiation Protection Studies Group of SPR was held on March 20. Conducted by Drs. Hilton Muniz Leão Filho and Renato Dimenstein at the São Paulo Radiological Society (SPR) headquarters in São Paulo, the meeting was transmitted in real time through the internet and had as main objective to reinforce the sharing of learning and experiences among physicians.

In its first few minutes, Dr. Hilton Leão took the opportunity to highlight some points:

  • The increasingly close participation of Latin Safe in the 2019 São Paulo Radiology Conference (JPR) with lectures on radiological protection. There will also be a Latin Safe booth distributing material and inviting physicians to engage in the cause;
  • The presentation of the posters selected at the 2019 European Radiology Congress (ECR), presented from February 27 to March 3, with titles published on the Latin Safe website;
  • Partnership between Latin Safe and the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) for an open forum that will take place on April 29th (Friday) throughout the day. The focus will be radioprotection, mainly on the principle of justification and will be attended by Dr. Hilton representing Latin Safe and other physicians, such as Drs. Paulo Costa, Simone Kodlulovich Renha, Alair Santos, Dolores Bustelo and Mônica Bernardo;
  • The extreme importance of the principle of justification. Dr. Hilton Leão showed concern and anguish about the topic, believing that in Brazil this theme is little discussed, and the focus is often on optimization.
learning sharing

New participants were able to share their insights for the first time. Taking advantage of the moment, Dr. Hilton reinforced the goal of Latin Safe to bring materials that can help professionals in the field – studies, articles, experiences and mistakes that participants have already experienced and can share with everyone. We emphasize that the video material to be sent can be mobile, homemade, short-lived (maximum 5 minutes and filmed horizontally.) In the case of articles, we request the submission of the abstract, if it is free, it will be made available on our website, otherwise a review and a link will be placed. The purpose is to exchange information and not copy / reproduce the material.

Participating and giving suggestions we had:

  • Dr. Paulo Costa of the Institute of Radiology (InRad) – raised the issue of pediatric radiology and optimization planning, stressing that it is necessary to discuss and describe difficulties so that colleagues can avoid future mistakes. He also spoke about Abstracts at the Congress of Medical Physics;
  • Dr. Marcel Zago Botelho, from the Brazilian Association of Medical Physics (ABFM) – suggested the optimization of processes, patient protection and use of IPE;
  • Dr. Rochelle Lykawka – talked about the relationship between the dose indicators on the device’s display and what their reading means. She also brought a case about a pregnant woman and a lead apron over her abdomen;
  • Dr. Roberto Pitorri, an interventional radiologist – called attention to the dose reduction in fluoroscopy and the difference between Europe and the US regarding doses. He also raised the discussion about the lack of information from other specialties such as neurology, cardiology and orthopedics and how it would be productive to channel efforts to inform more and more; and
  • Dr. Rafael Pohmann of the National Cancer Institute – shared the experience about a case of a pregnant patient taking a dose with a case of embolism and the ingestion of barium and water before the examinations.

Finally, Dr. Hilton Leão thanked everyone for their participation and called for increased collaboration so that the initiative can spread even further.

Our next meeting will be on April 17 at 5:30 p.m. and the registration link is: We count on you!

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